Ashlei Dang

Hey there! It's Ash, your drank-slangin', food-lovin', bookwormish millennial with a knack for spinnin' words into pure gold! Whatever you're looking for, whether a whimsical tale or scholarly article, my pen (and keyboard!) is always ready to transform any idea into something magical. Let's create something amazing together. After all, every story is worth telling. 

About Me

I'm a creative content writer looking to showcase my writing to attract new gigs. I hope each piece reflects a unique spark and my dedication to delivering high-quality. I can cover a wide range of topics and diverse styles, whether for a blog or short story. 

How I Work

I thrive in high-pressure situations and always meet deadlines. Dedicated and hardworking, I guarantee we will create magic together.

My Ethos

There's a story everywhere you look; no matter how big or small, I'm here to share it with the world.

Get in Touch

When you're ready, email me & we can start our brainstorming together!